Firm Profile

Fox Wälle Architekten SIA was founded in 2005. The architectural services encompass real estate assessment, design, building permit, cost estimates, and construction management.

The principals have over 20 years of experience as full service architects, and have completed numerous residential projects, as well as office buildings, schools, gymnastic halls, and infrastructure projects.

In the local environment of a committed and influential architectural discussion, the architectural office would like to make a substantial contribution to the built environment in the form of responsible urban planning and qualitative architecture. In addition to the commitment to a qualitative architectural language, however, it is just as important for the office to support and further develop the wishes and visions of its clients. The office sees itself as a trustee for the projects of its customers and wants to ensure with a meticulous and high-level planning and project management, that in addition to the dedicated form, an ideal function and the observance of costs and deadlines are ensured. Whenever possible, the architects strive to create sustainable buildings according to the latest findings in materials and energy technology.